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Olary wrecks

A compilation of shots of old wrecks in Olary SA. This town is full of old cars & houses, colours & textures. Population of 8 people here in the middle nowhere! Let me know what you think of the colour – too much magenta?


Cloudy Day | Barossa Valley

I’m still sifting through thousands of images I’ve barely bothered to look at from trips I’ve done in the last couple of years. Actually, my real excuse is that I cant afford to trip around anymore, so I’m reliving these moments in photoshop! This is a shot from a cloudy day in the Barossa Valley. Old 5D, 17-40.

Abandoned Chapel | Yorketown South Australia

Stumbled across this old chapel hidden in a cluster of trees on the Yorke Peninsula in SA. Sure didn’t look like it was open for church on Sunday!