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In the local paper today

The local paper in Toowoomba printed a story on me today – read here


Queensland Flood Crisis

A slideshow of photos from the recent Queensland Flood Crisis. The scale and magnitude of this flood is bigger than most people have seen in a lifetime. It was a humbling experience wading around the streets talking to many people who have lost everything. I was shooting for Getty Images in places like Toowoomba, Oakey, Dalby, Chinchilla and Lockyer Valley. Thanks for watching, comments appreciated.

Flood Devastation in Queensland

The Darling Downs and Lockyer Valley are still a disaster zone, the damage is incredible. 22 towns and cities were covered in water last week, an area the size of France & Germany combined! I’ve been out shooting some of the flood damage in Dalby, Chinchilla, Oakey and Murphy’s Creek.

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Flash Flood hits Toowoomba

Toowoomba was hit by the worst flood most people have seen in a lifetime today. Twisted cars were strewn about the city and shops have been destroyed, after a huge surge of water smashed through the CBD this afternoon. More rain and flooding expected tomorrow. Click here to see the latest photos.

darling downs shoot

Merrits Creek

Well, at the moment I’m lucky enough to have the job of photographing the local area (making it look pretty!)  I cant believe I get paid to drive around looking for photos! Anyway, this photo was taken at Hampton (near Toowoomba) and is a 6 vertical image stitch. I’ll have more shots from this job soon…