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High Country, a short 7D film

Here’s a short clip from a recent trip through the Bogong High Plains in Victoria. I started the journey in Bright and worked my way down through the Bogong High Plains, ending up in Omeo. What a stunning part of Aus through autumn!

Gear used was the 7D + 17-40, 24-70, 70-200, Miller tripod and a glidetrack slider. Edited in FCP and Magic Bullet.I found the glidetrack slider difficult to use especially when trying to achieve a slow, subtle move. Getting a smooth consistent shot is a challenge.

This is the first work I’ve done on the 7D and I’m loving it much more as a video camera than a stills camera – you can really tell Canon had this in mind when they built it. I could have filmed with the 5D but wanted to see how the 7D performed in comparison. Love this camera.

Video Rig


Epson International Pano Awards

Recently I entered 6 images into the Epson Pano Awards. Up against some amazing landscape photographers, I was surprised to see that three came back with bronze, and one with sliver!

A Snapshot of The Barcoo

Here’s a short clip I’ve put together from 5D MkII video and time lapse. The Barcoo shire is an area in western Queensland where you’ll find plenty of incredible scenery and very few people! Being a photographer dealing with video files and time lapse seems to be frustrating, but rewarding! This was a lot of fun to shoot, but definitely an eye opener into the epic world of time lapse and HD video. Click here to watch HD in Vimeo.

Cover Shot for Gas Today

Gas Today Magazine have selected one of my photographs for their November magazine cover. It’s is a photo of the new Condamine Power Station in the Surat Basin, built by AE&E and now run by Queensland Gas Company. I’m stoked to have this image featured, having a covershot is a buzz for a photographer!

The image was taken from 25m high cherry picker. I’m surprised I got a still shot, it was blowing a gale and the machine was swaying in the breeze!

Shot with Canon 5DMk2, 17-40L.

Western Star

Desperate for something to ‘blog’, I decided to see what I could do with this truck that was about to hit the road. Nothing more to say – surely a picture speaks a thousand words, even in a blog??

Olary wrecks

A compilation of shots of old wrecks in Olary SA. This town is full of old cars & houses, colours & textures. Population of 8 people here in the middle nowhere! Let me know what you think of the colour – too much magenta?

Beer O’Clock!

Working a desk job has left me with no time for shooting landscapes! So I’m stuck with things round the house I can photograph at night. Shot with the 5D2, lit up with a desk lamp and a softbox made of butchers paper.

Something different!

I saw an awesome post on Leigh Diprose’s blog (check it out) and thought, heck, that is cool! So I gave it a go last night. Simple setup, pitch black room with black sheet background, 5D2 with 24-105L, lit up from beneath candle with 580EX flash. Coloured in photoshop with gradients. Easy! Next thing to try is HD footage… (please click on this image for much better detail)

Cloudy Day | Barossa Valley

I’m still sifting through thousands of images I’ve barely bothered to look at from trips I’ve done in the last couple of years. Actually, my real excuse is that I cant afford to trip around anymore, so I’m reliving these moments in photoshop! This is a shot from a cloudy day in the Barossa Valley. Old 5D, 17-40.


Anybody been to Silverton? I would recommend it! You would know the old shack on red dust image that has been photographed a BILLION times by every big name in photography, so I decided not to shoot that one!