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A Snapshot of The Barcoo

Here’s a short clip I’ve put together from 5D MkII video and time lapse. The Barcoo shire is an area in western Queensland where you’ll find plenty of incredible scenery and very few people! Being a photographer dealing with video files and time lapse seems to be frustrating, but rewarding! This was a lot of fun to shoot, but definitely an eye opener into the epic world of time lapse and HD video. Click here to watch HD in Vimeo.


Something different!

I saw an awesome post on Leigh Diprose’s blog (check it out) and thought, heck, that is cool! So I gave it a go last night. Simple setup, pitch black room with black sheet background, 5D2 with 24-105L, lit up from beneath candle with 580EX flash. Coloured in photoshop with gradients. Easy! Next thing to try is HD footage… (please click on this image for much better detail)