Cover Shot for Gas Today

Gas Today Magazine have selected one of my photographs for their November magazine cover. It’s is a photo of the new Condamine Power Station in the Surat Basin, built by AE&E and now run by Queensland Gas Company. I’m stoked to have this image featured, having a covershot is a buzz for a photographer!

The image was taken from 25m high cherry picker. I’m surprised I got a still shot, it was blowing a gale and the machine was swaying in the breeze!

Shot with Canon 5DMk2, 17-40L.


Brooding Storm | Longreach Qld

I’m always on the hunt for an image like this, and you’ve got to drive a fair distance to find a spot where the view is un-hindered for as far as you can see! So I guess you’d say I was fairly excited when we pulled up here with a storm brewing to the north. Had a few minutes where the sun decided to sneek through, and it just went pop!

5D2 & Nodal Ninja head, 6 images stitched in PS.
(The thumbnail looks terrible, please click!)

Condamine Power Station

I’ve just finished off an industrial shoot of Condamine Power Station near Chinchilla in Qld. The client, AE&E required a library of images of the various components, as well as overall site shots from an EWP. The cloud cover was disappointing through the day, but the place really came to life on dusk when the lighting fired up. The second image is a panorama of 6 images, shot hand-held from an 80ft cherry picker swaying in the breeze. Amazingly photoshop stitched it up without a drama.

Western Star

Desperate for something to ‘blog’, I decided to see what I could do with this truck that was about to hit the road. Nothing more to say – surely a picture speaks a thousand words, even in a blog??

Beer O’Clock!

Working a desk job has left me with no time for shooting landscapes! So I’m stuck with things round the house I can photograph at night. Shot with the 5D2, lit up with a desk lamp and a softbox made of butchers paper.

New Website Live!

A long time in the making this has been, I’m excited to let you all know I’ve completed my new website!

Portraits for WHK

I was asked to create portrait images for an accounting & financial planning company, emphasizing a unique quality or interest of each of their principal accountants. 12 months in the making but here are the results! All images were cutout then placed over local or stock images, some are better than others but I’m fairly happy with the results.